Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 9 Month's to my Princess Rowan

Princess Ro Ro it is so hard for me to believe that you are 9 months old already. It really goes by so fast. You are my last Baby..I am treasuring every little thing.

I ordered you a wall sticker for above your closet Door. It says that:

"you are a beautiful dream come true"

I always dreamed of having a Little Girl. I knew in my heart that God would bless me with a Daughter.

I feel Complete

I feel Blessed

I feel Grateful

You are a little Angel and you are trying to crawl and Rolling all over the place.

You say Mama,and DaDa

You blow Raspberries and Clap your hands when prompted

You love to eat and sit in your High chair

Your Brothers Love to make you Laugh

Your laugh is so contagious

You have a raspy little voice...everyone cannot wait to see what this will sound like when you start really talking.

You are Loved so very much..

As you grow up Princess..... I will tell you about all the Angels that kissed you upon your face and gave you your Birthmark. Remember Rowan I Love you so very much.......You are my Beautiful Dream Come True!


Melissa said...

She's so sweet! I'm so glad you got your little girl. She looks so much like your sons.

We should talk about all these cute clothes she is growing out of ;)

Whitney said...

She is so beautiful and I love that saying! I love her Mud Pie oufit in the previous post! MP is has the cutest clothes and is so reasonable. Kennedy is too big to wear them now! :(

Amy said...

wow she sure has grown up so fast. She is so sweet. I love being a Mom also. I love my little girl tons and I am not learning what a boy needs. Thanks for your kind words..

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful.My second son, 2 months now,has the same excactly port wine stain in his face.We are lucky that its only a port wine stain as it is not forehand..I am from Greece.
We have started pulsed dye laser when he was 5 weeks and now we are in the second treatment.It seems more light and we hope the best for our baby...I hope the same for you..

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous aren't we so lucky to have beautiful healthy baby girls! My daughter was also born with port wine stain and I must admit you put me in tears when you talked about telling her how the Angels kissed her upon her sweet beautiful face! I've been pounder ing about that day when she realizes she's got something much more special upon her face then her peers! Angels kisses is the perfect response I LOVE that* thank you for sharing your pictures & stories! Somedays I feel at a loss for what's next but then I realize nothing's next but another day of loving my beautiful baby and being thankful she's here and healthy and that I was blessed enough to be a Mom! Best of wishing to you & your beautiful Family:)