Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Hate The Virus!

Why is it always the Middle of the night for the 102.6 Temp? My Poor Lil Worm is sick with some sort of Virus that has to run it's coarse. That's What the pediatrician Said. Of coarse I would like it if my Children never got sick,but why is it almost always a Virus. You may not agree with me,but I would much rather take some sort of Antibiotic and see my child on the road to recovery in 2 days than..... Nothing with days of prolonged vomiting and fevers.

Anyway Hope He is over this Quickly and that No-one else in the Family gets it!


Amy said...

Poor little guy. I went to the doctor with my little one and she ended up having a double ear infection. She got some meds. but I sure do feel bad.. It is no fun..

Helene said...

Ugh, poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better! Bella caught a tummy bug while we were on vacation but she made the most of it...such a trooper!

Melissa said...

Oh! I hope he feels better soon.