Monday, March 28, 2011

And A Little Boy Turned 2

It's Hard to Believe that my 2ND son turned 2 Feb 28Th. Of coarse I am late with His Birthday Post. I just cannot seam to find any time to Blog.

Anyway Little Worm Had a Great Birthday Party . It was very small and just Family and......It was Perfect.

Some Little Things that I Always want to Remember about you at 2 Are:

The way you Hug and pat people on their back:)

The way you Drag around your Blue Blanket and rub it on your Lips when you are Sleepy:)

The way you Dance and Jump when we watch Raffi:)

The way your eyes light up when Brother gets home from School:)

The way you try to share with your Baby Sister and tickle her Feet:)

The way you sit on my Lap and Listen to your Favorite Books at Bed Time

Peekaboo Animals,and The I Love You Bear Book:)

The way you say BUZZZ and WOOOODY...Toy Story is your Favorite right now:)

The way you Love going Bye Bye,but hate being in your Stroller:)

Mommy Loves you so very Much Little Worm you are turning into the cutest Little Boy and I am so Happy that your my Son:)


Amy said...

Happy late Birthday! Thanks for your kind thoughts for my baby girl. It's been a long day. Have a great night!

Amy said...

We have a boys name but are not letting until he comes.. That is what we did with our little girl..