Friday, February 12, 2010

Lil worm is Sick

Lil Worm is not feeling so good. I am taking him to a Dr Apt later today to see whats going on. He has a wet sounding cough and a stuffy- runny nose. He has not developed a fever and he seems to be eating well. Sometimes It's so frustrating when your child gets sick . I have often taken my children to the Dr. at the 1st sign of a cold and the Dr has sent me home telling me to wait it out. I almost always am back in the office about 5 days later. Maybe because this is my 2nd baby I now wait a little bit and do not rush to a Dr apt as soon as I use too. (Unless we have real bad symptoms) I am now waiting for the office to open so I can call and make a apt. I really hope this awful cough will go away with some kind of prescription. I hate to see my Baby Sick. Hopefully this cold will be over soon.


Momma Such said...

I know the feeling. I'm so sorry your little one is sick. We have been sick so much this year. We are having a very "crappy" day today if you would like to read about it stop
I do hope that your little one doesn't have anything major though. :)

Melissa said...

Poor baby! Ethan got that but we just waited it out and he got better in a few days.
Hope he gets to feeling better!