Monday, February 1, 2010

The Baby Barricad

We are shopping around for a large baby gate to keep Lil worm out of the Kitchen. The Opening is 63 inches. I am having a hard time picking out the perfect gate. Lil Worm is a fast little guy,but the Kitchen is off limits. Way to dangerous in there for him . Today he kept going in there wile we were in the living room so I barricaded the opening with many of his toys and a Kitchen chair. It works for now, but I really have to finalize my gate options and make a choice. Most Large opening baby gates are rather pricey and I do not want to regret my purchase. Anyone have a gate brand that they love?


Amy said...

I went to babies r us and got something there on line. They have more to chose from. NOt sure what I have but it is for the top of the stairs.

Lucco Girls said...

Ahhh yes - gates. They're everywhere here. Couldn't live without them!